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HEIGHT: 6'5"
HAIR: Jet Black
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION:  Dakar is very tall and extremely muscular he wears a long black hooded cloak robe hiding his face.
Weapons: Dakar has ceremonial knives as well as many books on archaic black music and spells.
AGE: Unknown
HISTORY: Not much is known about Dakar except that he is a very powerful sorcerer skilled in black magic.  He has joined with another worldly demonic force is an attempt to take over our planet and dimension.  Preying on the life forces of the villages that his forces destroyed to gain power to fulfill his secret agenda.
POWERS: Dakar has the ability to absorb the life essences of other living beings to add to his own might.  His strength is inhuman and he can release bolts of mystic energy at his unsuspecting victims.
Dakar can also create mystic portals to transport his troops and bring demons forth from the other dimension.
MENTAL PROFILE: Dakar is bent on world domination and will stop at nothing to fulfill his goal.  Arrogant and foreboding he is a near unstoppable force.  He is so sure of himself and the success of his plans that he believes himself to be infallible.

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