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HAIR: Brown
EYES: Black
PHYSICAL DISCRIPTION: Husky stoic man, muscular but overweight, slow but deadly.
Wears chainmail and leather boots
Weapons: Battle axe, whip and dagger
AGE: unknown
HISTORY: Gog is the soceror Dakar's main servant. Loyal and obidient obeying his every command. A master of weapons over seeing the attacks from town to town. Not much of his past before serving Dakar is known. He is undefeated in combat and feared by all. Being defeated by Kenith and left for dead he agrees to an arrangement with Dakar as demons possess him and his troops. Now with demonic abilites he pursues Kenith and the others wishing vengence against Kenith for his death.

Copyright 2000 Stephanie Whitmore

Last Updated 10/04/2003
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