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HEIGHT: 5'10"
HAIR: Dark Brown
EYES: Brown
AGE: 25
PHYSICAL DISCRIPTION: Wears high over the knee boots and lite leather armor.  Wears leather gauntlets and a head band.
Weapons: While being a mistress of unarmed combat Teatri does make use of a long sword and concealed blades in gautlets.
HISTORY: Born in the war city of Anomla, Teatri was raised in the art of combat and excelled in the unarmed form.  Longing for action she left her home to travel abroad.  Apon returning she learned of her father the king's pact with the sorceror Dakar and kept secret her return.  When Kenith's group arrived in the town she watched over them.  She was following when the Dark Forces launched their surprise attack on Kenith and Keana and saved them from death.  Following the destruction of her town by the Traitorous Dakar, Teatri joins with her new found friends in the final journey to confront Dakar inside the forboding Dark Castle

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