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HEIGHT: 5'8"
HAIR: blonde
EYES: Green
PHYSICAL DISCRIPTION: Slender but attletic build, incredible agility & dexterity.
Wears brown hooded cloak & lite armor.
Weapons: Concealed throwing knives & daggers(kept hidden in cloak) long sword
AGE: 17
HISTORY: Orphaned, Kenith was raised through childhood by Zantu.  Apon reaching adulthood,
he left on a quest to discover his heritage and destiny.  Durring this quest Kenith met Trantan and under his tutalage perfected his fighting ability.  Kenith was returning from this quest when he discovered his town burnt down, it's people missing Zantu barely alive inside the temple.
Zantu tells Kenith an ancient prophecy and points him in the direction of the enemy dying in his arms.  Kenith than makes a blood oath of vengeance to find those responsable and to kill them taking him on another quest perhaps the last of his young life.
PERSONALITY: Kenith is driven to bring vengeance against those that have destroyed his town and life.  He is very solemn and dispondent having lost all that he loved.

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