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HEIGHT: 5'7" 
HAIR: Blonde 
EYES: Blue 
PHYSICAL DISCRIPTION: Small and slender with long flowing hair, wears torn dress 
Weapons: Relectantly trained by Trantan and Teatri.  Keana carries a short sword with a minimum level of knowledge in fighting. 
HISTORY: Only survivor of hte town of Lachon.  Was getting married when demonic force over took the city.  Passing out in fear Kenith and the others discovered her while fighting the demons unconcious.  Trantan administers aid to her and apon awakening is destroyed to find her town leveled and her fiance gone probably dead.  Joining with her saviors she travels with them hoping to find her fiance alive of learn why they have been killed. 
PERSONALITY: Keana is completely pure and innocent having led a sheltered life.  This esistance was shattered by the demons assault taking her fiance and family.  She is now driven to discover what fate has befallen them and why.

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Last Updated 6/27/00
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