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HEIGHT: 5'11" 
HAIR: Red 
EYES: Hazel 
PHYSICAL DISCRIPTION: Wears hair in pony tail rest of head shaved wears leather boots and kilt with skull on it. 
Weapons: Bow and Spear 
HISTORY: Jaint comes from the tribe of Fenar whose fued with the town of Steick has lasted over one hundred years.  They are a very barbaric group of people living of the land and find his village destroyed and peiole missing.  Filled with anger he flew into a berserker rage at the sight of Kenith traveling through his village.  Beleaving Kenith's had done this while he was away he nearly kills Kenith but is stopped by Trantan's timely arrival.  Joining with then Jaint and the others search for hte ones responsible and to put an end to the destruction. 
PERSONALITY: Jaint is very unstable flying into berserker rages durring battle.  He is a nearly unstopable fighter. 

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